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6 Ways to Stay Top of Mind
with Past Clients

Relationships make up some of the most important aspects of our lives. Your relationships with your clients are no different. Chances are, you and your clients have built a strong connection during the home buying process. Just because you closed the deal doesn’t mean the relationship is over.  

Now it’s your job to nurture the relationship. This will not only let your clients know you still care about them, but also set you up well for more real estate opportunities they can bring you in the future. Keep reading to learn my best ways to stay connected with your clients to stay top of mind with past clients and network.

1.Personalized Text Messages and Emails 

Today’s technology makes sustaining a relationship easy. Emails and text messages are the simplest and most effective means to nurture your client relationships. Personalized messages help maintain that genuine connection you had with your client throughout the home buying process. You might wish them a happy birthday, let them know about a special sale based on a former conversation, or simply check in on how the transition to the new home is going for their family. Based on your relationship with each client, you’ll be able to judge what is appropriate to include in a personal email or text. 

Your genuine interest in their life and well-being will help you stay top of mind with repeat work and referrals in the future. It’s important to reach out to your clients when you think of them, or better yet make a note in your calendar to check in with them at a specific time. One of the best events you can save in your calendar is your client’s home closing anniversary. 

2.Recognize Their Home Buying Anniversaries

The home  closing anniversary of your client is a special and exciting day. This day is an opportunity to congratulate them on one year of ownership in their new home and remind them of the positive experience they had working with you. Sending your client a thoughtful congratulatory note on this day opens the door for more conversation that could lead to referrals and solidify their use of you for any real estate ventures for the future. This is also perfect for those clients who kept most personal matters to themselves during your time of business with them. They might not be comfortable discussing personal details, but more than likely would appreciate a thoughtful note letting them know you remembered the experience you shared with them in purchasing their home.  

3.Set Up Automated Text and Email Campaigns

Setting up a consistent, automatic email and/or text campaign means you don’t have to overthink or personalize your messages to tailor fit your client. Rather, you can share larger amounts of helpful real estate content to showcase your expertise and remind them of the positive experience they had working with you.

Email and text campaigns don’t need to consist of new listings and open houses. Instead, you’ll want to include relevant tips for buyers, announcements of your sales, and most importantly, market updates. 

4.Keep Them in the Know with Market Updates

We have witnessed the real estate market do some crazy things in the past few years. Being in touch with the latest market updates can be an intimidating concept for buyers. It’s important to keep your clients aware of market updates in your email and/or text campaigns. Not only will they be impressed with your market knowledge, but consistent and predictable updates on the market will position you as a valuable resource they are likely to share with others. Here are some things to include in your market updates:

  • Provide an update on your local housing market
  • Show noteworthy available and sold properties in your area
  • Seasonally include a year-in-review roundup for your real estate agency
  • Use graphics to display information 


5.Send Out Holiday Cards

Sending your client warm wishes through a holiday card is another opportunity to connect with them personally. Holiday cards are thoughtful and personal as they arrive at your home address and usually include a photo from the sender. Holiday cards are also a convenient form of communication for you as you’re able to send out the same note to all of your clients, similar to an email campaign. 

6.Maintain an Active Social Media Presence

An active presence on social media means more visibility. While you don’t want to just post for the sake of quantity, maintaining a rhythm with your social media outlets is important to expand your audience. Social media gives you opportunities to showcase your expertise in unique and creative ways. Many people are on social media multiple times throughout the day, so you have an excellent opportunity to stay top of mind if you post regularly.  

Building Your Brand

It takes some effort to stay top of mind with past clients, but the effort is well worth it. Most of my clients come from referrals, and that’s true for many real estate agents. If you want to be successful long-term, start implementing these strategies now!

Want to learn more about building your real estate business? Check out my video here on the Top 5 Ways to Build Your Brand.

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