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7 Practical Apps to Manage Your Time as an Agent

One of the best parts of being a real estate agent is creating your own schedule. Without the time constraints of a typical 9-to-5 workday, you have unique freedom! The flexibility of your schedule poses a special challenge to manage your time well. With technology in this day and age, we have a lot of assistance in that realm. In this article, I’m going to show you the seven apps you can download today to help you effectively manage your time as a real estate agent. 


  1. Your Calendar App


This might sound like a no-brainer to some of you, but using a calendar app on your phone is a must for your success in this industry! If you don’t like the calendar application that comes with your phone, there are hundreds of other calendar apps available you can choose from. Whatever you end up using, be consistent with it and stick to a schedule! When you can create a schedule for yourself that includes time for daily prospects and time blocks for appointments, you will set yourself apart from at least 80% of other real estate agents who are flying by the seat of their pants. The most successful agents are intentional and strategic with their time through the use of a calendar.

  1. ShowingTime


Use this app to sync with your calendar so appointments can be added directly and immediately! This is great for administrative assistants to use as well to add appointments to your shared calendar. If your association has their own app to schedule appointments and show properties, use that. 


  1. Realtors Property Resource


No matter what MLS the property is listed in, Realtors Property Resource (RPR) helps you obtain pertinent information and a rough Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) at the tip of your fingertips. This data platform designed for Realtors makes it easy to share details with clients and clear up any confusion about what’s really happening in the real estate market. The reports generated by the system are extremely easy to interpret, giving your clients the confidence they need to move forward in a real estate transaction. You can expect your productivity to skyrocket as this system inevitably saves you a ton of time. Think of it as the Realtor’s Zillow, but better!

  1. Mortgage Calculator 


Using a mortgage calculator is a fast and effective way to provide clients with an accurate estimate of their monthly payment. Running the numbers with the simple use of your calculator and nothing more runs the risk of “ballparking it” and not providing a fair picture of the price. Not to mention the human error that can happen with the use of a calculator alone for an estimated mortgage payment. Mortgage calculators take into consideration property taxes, interest rates, and the down payment to make a reliable estimate for clients to use when considering a property. You’ll save time and have confidence in your assessment through the use of a mortgage calculator!


  1. Docusign

You’re basically living in the dark ages if you’re not using Docusign! Docusign is a wonderful tool that allows contracts to be emailed and signed electronically by your clients. This not only saves you time, but your clients as well. With no in-person meet up required, you’re able to get immediate signatures and share information via email with important real estate personnel involved in the contract. Another huge advantage of Docusign is being able to swiftly send out a contract again if there was a mistake made in the formatting or a signature missing. No more tracking down your clients to sign the new and improved contract on paper!

  1. An App for Customer Relationship Management

Every good Realtor knows it’s important to take action on a lead as soon as possible. In order to do this, using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) app is a must. It doesn’t matter which one; the best CRM app is the one you use! KV Core and Followup Boss are great options. You don’t want to be stuck trying to log into a website to communicate with those leads!

  1. ChatGPT or another AI app

Creating content allows you to market yourself and stay relevant. For busy Realtors on the go, you need a tool that can help you create blog posts, social media content, or fodder for email drip campaigns. ChatGPT does just that. You put in the information you need, and it puts out the content. Give it a try! The endless possibilities are at your fingertips with an AI app that creates content in seconds rather than hours!

Bottom Line

Successful agents successfully manage their time. Thankfully with today’s technology, we can be very efficient with our time management. Set aside some time to install these applications one at a time and familiarize yourself with how they work. Grab a veteran agent and ask them how they manage their time as well. I love helping real estate agents succeed in their career. For more tips, check out my YouTube channel here.

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