7 Secrets to Real Estate
Content Creation

By Mark Lemmons  I  July 26, 2022

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to build your real estate business and increase your impact. Content plays a huge role in getting leads and improving conversions. Consistently delivering great content helps you build authority, strengthen your SEO, and build authentic connection with potential clients.

Here are 7 secrets that have helped me develop an effective content strategy for my real estate business.

1. Make a plan

Creating and posting content takes time and energy – which is why a lot of people don’t do it! Or, at least not consistently. It’s easy to get burned out posting content. Having a reasonable plan will help you avoid giving up altogether or spend too much time creating content. You want to create a plan that is doable for you.

You want to decide…

  • Which platforms you’ll use (Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • What content types you’ll use (blogs, videos, Instagram carousel posts, reels, etc)
  • How often you will post
  • Your content pillars (see #2 below!)

Remember that the goal of content marketing is to educate, entertain, or inspire your audience. Share about things that are relevant to your audience and what you offer, and do it consistently.

2. Develop your content pillars

Choose 3-5 relevant content pillars that will guide your strategy. Then, brainstorm specific topics that fall under each pillar. For example:

  • Pillar 1: Buyers
  • Pillar 2: Sellers
  • Pillar 3: Renovation tips
  • Pillar 4: Financing
  • Pillar 5: Personal posts

Within each of these pillars, there are countless topics you could cover! Keep your content focused on solving problems and answering common questions in each of these categories. Don’t be afraid to put some personal posts in as well so that people get a sense of who you are. Create a doable schedule and set aside consistent time each week to create content. If your budget allows, work with a freelancer to help you create and post your content.

3. Learn from others
In addition to having a great plan, learning from others will also help you post great content. Look at what other people are doing to get inspiration and keep a running list of ideas. Whether you save URLs to a spreadsheet or simply keep a folder of saved posts on Instagram, you’ll want to have content to reference when it’s time to brainstorm ideas. Referencing your saved content during your planning sessions will help you get the creative juices flowing.
4. Write with clarity and empathy
Be sure to write your posts, video scripts, or captions in a clear and empathetic manner. Avoid being clever or cute and get to the point. People won’t take time to read a confusing message, so clarity is key! Use short sentences, use simple words, and talk about things that are relevant to your audience. Be friendly but straightforward in your writing. Your audience also wants to feel that you understand their pain points and desires. Use an empathetic tone and be sure to convey the “why” behind what you do!
5. Use decent design and media

Content requires some aesthetic elements like graphic design, photos, and sometimes videos. While you don’t need to have a perfect aesthetic (see #7!), you do want to put out content that is pleasing to look at. If you’re not naturally good at this, working with a freelancer is a great way to get affordable graphics and media. But, if you’re naturally drawn to the visual appearance of things, you might try your hand at Canva and invest in a $30 – $50 ring light for videos. Technology has advanced so much, and it really makes doing your own media work pretty simple and straightforward!

Note that on any piece of content, having a clear and readable cover image that tells the audience exactly what they will find in your video or post is key to getting high levels of engagement.

6. Repurpose your content

One of the best ways to maximize the time you spend creating content is to repurpose your content across multiple platforms. For example, if you are creating an Instagram graphic to post, you should also plan on sharing it on LinkedIn and on Facebook. Canva allows you to save carousel posts as PDFs so you can share the document on LinkedIn and broaden your reach.

Or, if you’re creating a blog post, consider turning it into a 1-minute Instagram reel with a prompt for people to visit your blog to read more. Any and every way you can repurpose your content is a win, because you’re not having to come up with completely new material.

Once you have a good base of content posted, you can also repurpose old content by simply reposting the same thing 6 months later. Don’t worry about being “repetitive” or someone seeing the same content more than once. Repetition is one of the biggest keys to successful marketers.

7. Ditch perfectionism
By far, the biggest hurdle to a successful content strategy is perfectionism. Everyone wants to have a good image and be seen as professional and trustworthy. This is good, but it can hinder you when it comes to content. You are going to have to get comfortable not being “perfect,” otherwise you are going to waste a lot of time. Get your content to 75% “perfect,” hit publish, and move on. No one is looking at your content as much as you are, so get over yourself! Remember that it’s better to be seen than not seen at all, and it really isn’t about you anyways. It’s about potential clients that need your help knowing that you exist.
7. Ditch perfectionism

If I could go back and do anything different, it would be to get over perfectionism sooner and start putting myself out there. The more you create content, the better you’ll get at it. Keep in mind that your goal is to serve people, not make a name for yourself. When I focus on how I can serve and help others rather than project a certain image, putting out relevant content becomes a whole lot easier.

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