9 Content Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents (Part 1)

By Mark Lemmons  I  August 10, 2022

You’ve probably heard it said, “content is king.” Content marketing is crucial to developing relationships with your target audience and ultimately, growing your real estate business.

As a real estate agent, you have a million things to do, and spending time creating content may seem like a low-priority item. But if you are going to compete in an environment where content has become expected, you are going to have to produce.

But creating content should not take several hours out of your day. Whether you are planning to post content via social media, a blog, or a YouTube channel, here are 9 tips that will help you create fast and effective real estate content.

1. Know your audience

The most important thing you need to do when creating content is to get into the head of your target customer. The purpose of content marketing is to educate, entertain, or inspire your audience. The better you can put yourself in the shoes of your audience, the better you’ll be able to create relevant content.

For example, people looking to buy or sell a home are thinking about things like mortgage financing, home renovations and repairs, home inspections and appraisals, what to look for in a real estate agent, etc. Create relevant content around these topics, and don’t be afraid to share stories to inspire your audience or to entertain with a bit of humor or beautiful photos or graphics.

2. Think like the end user

When creating content, you have to think like the end user. The people in your target audience are not only busy with their own lives, they are bombarded with information every time they open their phone or laptop. The information that is most relevant, clear, and easy to access will win every time.

Make sure your content…

  • Has clear headlines or cover images
  • Is easy to navigate
  • Gets to the point quickly

Ask yourself: if someone was scrolling past this content, would they be able to tell in under 3 seconds what it is about? You can have amazing content, but if it’s not clear right away what it is, it will lose engagement.

3. Develop brand consistency

Good marketers talk a lot about “branding,” and that word encompasses more than just a nice business logo. “Branding” is ultimately about the gut feeling you get when you encounter a brand.

As a real estate agent, you are the brand. You want to develop consistency in your style of communication, and this will likely stem from your natural personality. Are you bold and cheeky? Professional and warm? It’s helpful to define the characteristics of your brand, and then make sure your content carries that consistent tone. This builds trust and recognition among your target audience and helps you establish a strong brand presence.

4. Research and get inspired

When creating content, research and inspiration are your best friends. You don’t need to know everything about a topic to create great content – you need to know how to do a Google search and compile information. For example, if you want to write about home inspections, all you need to do is a little research on the internet and compile your findings to create a relevant piece of content.

It’s also extremely helpful to look at what other people in your space are doing and get inspiration for your own content. You don’t want to completely copy anyone, but there is no need to start with a blank page. I suggest following or subscribing to a handful of people you’d like to emulate, and keep a running list of content ideas on a spreadsheet or document.

Ready for More?
Content marketing is a huge topic, which is why I’ve chosen to break this post up into two separate posts. Before you read Part 2, I want to take a moment to apply what we covered in Part 1. Unless you put these tips to work, they won’t do you much good!

Here is a recap of the first 4 tips and an action item for each:

1. Know your audience. 

Action item: Make a list of your target audience’s interests, pain points, and goals.

2. Think like the end user

Action item: Start paying attention to the content that gets your attention. How did it grab you? Take a screenshot of catchy headlines and save them in an album for future inspiration.

3. Develop brand consistency

Action Item: Pick 2-3 adjectives that will define your brand presence.

4. Research and get inspired

Action Item: Find 4-5 people creating similar content that will serve as your inspiration.

Creating content to grow your real estate business can seem overwhelming, but the key thing to do is to just start! The more you create and share content, the better you will get at it. In Part 2, we will talk more about using specific platforms, learning how to write like a marketer, and more. In the meantime, go create and share some content!

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