9 Content Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents (Part 2)

By Mark Lemmons  I  August 17, 2022

In my last post, I revealed the first 4 tips on content marketing for real estate agents. You can find the full post here, but let’s do a brief review of what we covered:

  • Know your audience – you want to create content that is highly relevant to your audience.
  • Think like the end user – make sure your content is easy to interact with and understand.
  • Develop brand consistency – use a consistent tone of voice in your content to build a strong brand presence.
  • Research and get inspired – look at what other agents are doing to get ideas for your own content.

Ready for the final 5 tips? Let’s dive in.

5. Use marketing-style writing (also called copywriting)

Whether you are creating content via YouTube, social media, or a blog, learning to write like a marketer will help you increase engagement. Here are some principles to keep in mind.

Address and agitate pain points. Talk about the problems or pain points your audience is experiencing related to real estate. This will grab attention and help you set your services up as the solution.

Lead with the benefit. Make it clear in the beginning of your content how the material is going to benefit your audience.

Use a hook. An attention hook grabs your audience and makes them want to engage with your content. Some classic ways to grab attention are sharing a surprising fact or statistic, opening a curiosity loop, or striking emotion. Check out this headline generator to improve your titles and headlines with better hooks.

Include a call to action (CTA). Call your audience to action. I typically like to do this at the end of the content, but this also can work effectively at the beginning. Some examples could be:

  • Follow me on Instagram for weekly tips
  • Subscribe to my email to get more tips delivered to your inbox
  • Call today for a no-strings-attached conversation about listing your home

Use common words and short sentences. Use plain language that is easily understood and stay away from long, wordy sentences. Research shows that most adults read at a 7th or 8th grade level. Use this free online editing tool to make sure your captions and blogs are reader-friendly.

Use digits when possible. Numbers grab attention better than words do, so if you have the opportunity to use a digit, do it. For example, instead of writing “four bedrooms,” use “4 bedrooms.”

6. Utilize technology

There are many technological tools at your disposal for creating and optimizing content. Here are the ones my team uses regularly to create content:

Canva. Have you ever wondered how people make nice graphics like the ones you see on Instagram? There are a few different tools you can use, but Canva is one of the best. There is a free version and paid version, both with templates you can use, like this:

You can change text, color, and font to match your brand and create a helpful piece of content for your audience.

Video. Although there is a place for nice graphics like the one above, anyone in the content space will tell you that nothing beats videos. It gets way more engagement and should be part of your strategy. You may not have the time and resources to create professional YouTube videos, but any real estate agent can create short videos or reels on Instagram and TikTok with an iPhone and Ring Light.

Ring Light. When you’re making videos, it’s helpful to use a Ring Light for good lighting. It will make your video look more polished with very little effort.

7. Analyze your metrics

As you develop content, be sure to analyze your metrics and see what is working and what’s not. Every audience is different, and you want to cater to what your audience prefers. Track engagement on the various types of content you are publishing and adjust accordingly. Be sure to look at all analytics and not just the obvious ones. For example, on Instagram, don’t just look at the amount of likes and comments. Consider saves, shares, and reach. Be sure you set your Instagram account type to “creator” to access these metrics.

8. Be consistent
The purpose of content is to build a relationship with your audience, and like any relationship, it takes consistency. Decide on a schedule that is doable for you and stick to it. Start small and build from there. Not only does consistency develop trust with your audience, many social media platforms favor consistency in their algorithms and your reach will be more likely to expand.
9. Put your face out there
Finally, and perhaps one of the most important tips – put your face out there. Make sure that a photo of you is prominent on your website and content and make videos with your face in them often. People want to work with people they feel they know and trust, and this is hard to do if they don’t see your face. It’s also worth mentioning that in the real estate business, many of your clients will probably come from referrals. Make sure your friends and family constantly see your face with real estate content so that you are top of mind when someone they know needs an agent.
Final Thoughts

If you are just starting out creating content, it can feel scary. But the worst thing you can do is over-analyze your content to the point that you never put anything out there. Don’t be afraid to “fail.” It’s part of the learning process. The more you do it, the more comfortable it will become! If you are interested in a mentor that can help you build your real estate business, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Want help creating your email marketing strategy? Check out my video, 6 Fail-Proof Real Estate Email Strategies.

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