What to Look for in a Realtor

Buying or selling your home is probably going to be the largest real estate transaction you ever make. Why would you leave any of the details up to chance? A lot can go wrong if buyers and sellers don’t have proper representation. Here are 7 things to look for in a real estate agent.

How to Get Top Dollar on Your Home Sale

Follow these 5 strategies to get top dollar on your home sale! Pricing your home correctly from Day 1 is crucial to getting the best value on your sale. In this post, we dive into the thought process behind pricing your home and the different factors you need to consider.

3 Ways to Create Wealth With Real Estate Investing

90% of millionaires make their fortune through real estate investing. You don’t have to have a large down payment saved up or be a fixer-upper genius to start getting a piece of the real estate pie. Read this post to find out how you can start investing and making money with real estate!

The 3 Pillars of a Successful Real Estate Business

You need all 3 of these pillars to build a successful real estate business! In this post, I dive into getting quality referrals as a real estate agent and getting your mindset right about networking. I can’t wait to help you build your real estate business so you can serve more people!

6 Fail-Proof Real Estate Email Strategies

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6 Fail-Proof Real Estate Email Strategies By Mark Lemmons  I  February 16, 2022 Have you ever wondered if email marketing is worth your time as a real estate agent? Questioned how to do it effectively? I’ve had the same thoughts throughout my career. Consider these statistics released on January 7, 2022: ● 92% of online […]

How to Thrive as a Young Real Estate Agent in 2022

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How to Thrive as a Young Real Estate Agent in 2022 By Mark Lemmons  I  February 10, 2022 Congratulations! You’re a new real estate agent. You probably already know that there are many challenges and opportunities ahead of you. What you might not know is that the real estate market, as a whole, is going […]

How To Convert Online Leads

How To Convert Online Leads By Mark Lemmons  I  January 12, 2022 Whether you get this lead from a post on Facebook, a squeeze page, landing page or some online advertising, there is a method that will produce great results for you. It is the LPMAMA method. Now if you aren’t familiar with the LPMAMA […]

Top 5 Ways To Build Your Brand

Top 5 Ways To Build Your Brand By Mark Lemmons  I  December 13, 2021 Join my Team Click Here Similar Post Letter of the Heart | March 2019 Mark Lemmons • Life With Lemmons Letter of the HeartMarch 2019 It’s been too long since we’ve talked, and I hope you are well! If we haven’t […]