Top 5 Mistakes Investors Make in Multifamily Real Estate

When it comes to investing in real estate, multifamily properties provide an excellent opportunity for high returns. Sizable target markets and tax-deductible expenses make multifamily investments an attractive option. But I’ve learned some costly lessons with these investments. Here are 5 mistakes to avoid if you are looking at investing in a multifamily property.

How to Finance Your Home Renovation

Find out how you should finance your home renovation! There are many ways to obtain financing for your home improvement project. This post will look at 7 options for funding your remodel and explain the risks and rewards of each. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help deciding which financing option is right for you!

How to Get Started with an Airbnb

The Do’s and Don’ts of starting an Airbnb. Here are all my tips for finding an Airbnb space to rent, setting up & furnishing your Airbnb property, and making sure your occupancy rate is high.

The Top Landlord-Friendly States in 2022


Did you know some states are more landlord-friendly than others? In this post, we look at what factors make for a good rental investment climate and reveal the top 6 states for rental properties in 2022.

Revealed: My Secrets to Landing Bigger Clients

Revealed: My Secrets to Landing Bigger Clients By Mark Lemmons  I  March 9, 2022 Have you ever wondered how to get bigger clients as a real estate agent? When you are first starting out, it can feel impossible to get clients on that higher tier – and if not impossible, at least scary! That’s normal. […]

The BRRRR Method: Road to Financial Freedom?

The BRRRR Method: Road to Financial Freedom? By Mark Lemmons  I  February 23, 2022 I work with many people who are looking for smart ways to invest their money and build wealth. The BRRRR Method has become a popular real estate investment approach and you may be wondering if it’s right for you. In this […]