Convert Your Leads With These Top Sales Techniques

By Mark Lemmons  I  August 24, 2022

Watching your clients close on their home is a thrill like no other! Not only did you serve them well in facilitating the purchase process, but you also have a win for your wallet and your real estate career. Ultimately your career in real estate depends on your ability to close the deal with your clients. And a good realtor knows that different types of clients call for different types of sales techniques. Read on for my top close sales techniques to get you to the closing table with your clients time and time again!
The Puppy Dog Close
This sales technique gets its name from pet stores allowing customers to take a puppy home for a period of time before committing to purchase it. The freedom to come to a decision in a low pressure environment with a “try before you buy” mentality is very appealing to buyers. The option period can be seen as a trial period to clients who are interested in a home but apprehensive to put in an offer for whatever reason. The fact that they can get their earnest money back if they choose to back out before their option period is over is a huge selling point for a lot of buyers. Stressing the option period as a low pressure time frame that gives your buyers the choice to back out without penalty can be a good way to use the puppy dog technique with your clients.
The List Summary Close

The list summary technique is perfect for those clients who need a reminder for why they are seeking out a particular home before they take the next steps needed to move along in the process. Using this technique, you will reiterate all of the features and benefits of the home before nudging them forward. Here’s an example of a list summary:

“The first home we saw had the spacious backyard you were looking for, four bedrooms, close to top rated schools, and was a one story with no carpet. Given the price and the area, this one won’t be on the market for long.”

The Assumption Close

When buyers find a home that meets everything on their wishlist, you can assume this is a deal. And this assumption should be verbalized in a way that will gently guide your clients toward committing to the home, instead of asking them what their plan is. An assumption close might sound like:

“Does tonight work for you to submit an offer on this home?”

The Option Close

Closely related to the assumption close, the option close is used to give your buyers options when closing in on the deal instead of asking them open endedly what they want to do moving forward. An example would look like asking:

“Shall we move forward with an offer tonight or tomorrow morning?”

The You Deserve It Close

Buyers have a hard time pulling the trigger to get into a home that meets their needs if it’s top of their budget, especially first-time homebuyers. You’ll need to remind them why they are looking to move out of their current living situation in the first place and how hard they have worked to even have the option to buy! A little discussion of their motivation and how their past has got them to this point goes a long way! You might say something like:

“After how hard you have worked to get to this point in your life, your growing family deserves to be in a home like this one that will serve them well for years to come.”

The Obligation Close
Also known as the “Something for Nothing Closing,” this technique works around the concept of a buyer feeling obligated, or rather having a desire to move forward with the deal in return for a free add-on or extra feature you’re providing in the home buying process. The more you can be generous and patient with your client, the more they’ll want to repay you with a closed deal!
The Take Away Close

This closing technique can only be used if you’re willing to take your services off the table. It’s used for buyers who say they want A, B, and C in a home, and when you are finding homes that meet those requirements and they repeatedly give you a “no.” This will push your buyers to make the choice of being “all in” or walking away. Here’s an example of how you would use it:

“When we first discussed what you were looking for in home, you made it clear you wanted A, B, and C. We’ve seen a few homes now that have A, B, and C. Since you’re reluctant to move forward, I’m not sure how I can be of further use.”

Putting my top techniques into practice will help you close more deals. It’s important to know your clients well enough to understand the personality types that will respond best to each particular tactic. The more you can read the room to figure out when to press for the close and when to dial it back and dig for more of their motivation, the more you will close the leads and your sales will soar! I have over ten years of experience in real estate and I love helping realtors have great success stories with their clients. Find me on youtube here for more content to help you in your real estate career!

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