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Eight Helpful Tasks an Unlicensed Real Estate Assistant Can Do

From managing a calendar to creating marketing campaigns, real estate agents wear many different “hats” for the job. Unlicensed assistants are often used by brokers and sales agents to perform certain tasks to aid them in different real estate business. Often referred to as administrative assistants, these unlicensed employees can be a wonderful help to a busy agent. However, special care must be taken to ensure that unlicensed assistants do not perform any duties that would permit a real estate license. In this post, we will go over eight helpful tasks an unlicensed assistant can do to help your real estate business thrive! 


1. Confirm Information on a Listing


Real estate agents and brokers get lots of calls! One of the best things a brokerage can do is put an unlicensed assistant in charge of answering the phone for all general inquiries. The assistant is not able to suggest properties for any potential buyer, but they may confirm advertised details as well as the status of the property. After confirmation, the assistant can then refer the interested party to the sales agent. This is helpful as the agent can be connected with the potential buyer with some information from the assistant that’ll give better insight into what the client is looking for.

2. Obtain Information


An assistant who is pulling information from public records, MLS, and the internal database from your brokerage can really save an agent a lot of time. When this data is organized and displayed appropriately, it can help predict when homes will go on the market and give clients a list of available properties that meet their unique needs. Talk to your broker or another trusted agent to determine what type of data you can be asking your assistant to regularly pull and organize to help you reach maximum efficiency. 


3. Set Appointments


The more successful you become, it’s inevitable your calendar will show it! One of the most helpful things you can let your unlicensed agent do is have access to your calendar. By having the assistant set appointments, you are free to meet with clients without having to worry about the scheduling process. Plus, another set of eyes on your busy calendar will help ensure nothing is overbooked or missed!

4. Advertise


Unlicensed agents can create all types of promotional materials! With the guidance of a real estate agent, unlicensed assistants can be especially helpful with creating and sending email blasts, postcards, online advertisements, and other marketing materials. If you have an unlicensed assistant that’s too busy with other duties to devote enough time to advertisement, you can always hire an independent contractor. They will have the same restrictions of an unlicensed assistant, but they will be able to devote more time to marketing your business.


5. Help with an Open House


Hosting an open house can be an exhilarating experience! It also creates a good amount of work for a real estate agent. Though an unlicensed assistant cannot host an open house, they can pass out paperwork, collect contact information, and prepare the property for the event. Any discussion regarding the details of the property from potential buyers should always be directed to the licensed agent hosting the event. 


6. Manage Real Estate Signage 


Managing all of the signage involved in real estate listings can be a lot for an agent to keep up with. Most real estate agents rely on assistants to place, update, and remove signs from properties. As long as the assistant is following the instruction from their broker, signage is an easy job for an unlicensed assistant to completely take care of.

7. Collect and Distribute Information between Client and Broker 


There’s no reason for you as the agent to manage all the paperwork involved in a real estate transaction. Earnest money checks, deposits, and contract forms can all go through an unlicensed agent to get to the broker or client. Assistants can also pass out documents intended for clients and potential buyers from the broker. 


8. Perform Bookkeeping Duties 


Not only can an assistant receive funds, they can deposit them as well. Assistants can also write documents for a banking or real estate transaction if drafted properly by a licensed employee of the brokerage. Assistants should be included on all email correspondence between clients and agents to avoid any lapse in communication. 

As long as these tasks are completed with the proper instruction and supervision, an unlicensed assistant can act as the oil in the machine of your real estate business! I’ve been in the real estate industry for over 10 years and I love helping real estate agents achieve success! Click here to check out my YouTube channel. I have tons of helpful videos for agents, buyers, and investors!

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