How To Convert Online Leads

By Mark Lemmons  I  February 2, 2022

Whether you get this lead from a post on Facebook, a squeeze page, landing page or some online advertising, there is a method that will produce great results for you. It is the LPMAMA method. Now if you aren’t familiar with the LPMAMA method, don’t be confused thinking it’s the “Likely to Purchase, Mama?” script.

Now in full disclosure, this method was popularized by Zillow with their “premiere agent programs of online leads where Zillow gets the listings, for free, from agents, and then turns around and charges agents for leads that their website generates off those same listings. That’s another story for another day. But this method is simply a good sales process. It is looking to get the details from the prospect about what will move them to purchase. What is their motivation, their timing, who are the decision makers, and what are their needs and wants? This method simply systematizes this process to help you repeat it over and over again so that you become really good at it and have amazing results!


This is [name], I’m an agent with [brokerage]. When would you be able to see the property? Today or tomorrow? If you set the appointment, then make sure to confirm their contact information. And some people will tell you not to go further once you have the appointment, but I like to go ahead and go through all the questions to deepen our relationship, get a better understanding of who they are and what they are looking for, so I normally proceed with all of the questions.


You called on 123 Main Street in the __ neighborhood. Is this the area you’re looking to buy in? Great! What do you like about that area or what drew you to this area? What other areas are you looking to buy in?


Ideally, when you are you looking to be in your new home? Just out of curiosity, do you rent or own? I love working with first-time buyers and can definitely help you! As your realtor, I want to make this as stress-free for you as possible. If I found your dream home, could you break your lease? How long have you been looking in (neighborhood)? (If they own, Is your home currently listed or is this a second home?)


This price is listed at $___. Is this the price range you’re looking to buy in? How did you come up with that range? If you’re not sure of your price range, that’s okay. I can definitely still help you.


How many homes have you seen the inside of? How have you been seeing homes? If you’re not working with an agent, I can definitely help you. If another agent calls you, tell them you’re working with Mark Lemmons. If you have an agent already, they can likely guide you best.


Were you planning on paying cash for a home or would you need to secure financing? Most people are going to need a mortgage and have no idea where to start. It is your job to be the expert that helps guide them through the process. You’re Yoda. They’re Luke Skywalker. If you need a mortgage, I can connect you to one of my preferred lenders. He’ll set you up with a no-obligation, free pre-approval.

Bonus: If you want to shorten it to ALM, start with asking for the appointment first; then location; then motivation! I hope you are able to convert more online leads using this method and script. It’s simple, easy to remember, and quite powerful. When you start putting this into practice it will help you convert more leads! And, as we know, more converted leads equals more deals, and more deals equals more dollars. So get out there, keep hustling, and stay humble, but do it smarter, not harder!

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