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I Started a Snowball

I started a snowball about 2 years ago. The thing about a snowball is when you roll it down a hill it begins to gather more snow and grow in size and significance. As we’ve all seen in the cartoons, a snowball can grow to such a size that it will swallow up anything in its path! Now I don’t think we are in any immediate danger of that happening with my snowball, but it has grown and I am proud of what we are creating! My snowball is my team or revenue share group. When I received my first revenue share check, it was not very impressive. Honestly, it was pretty small. But it began a snowball down the hill I was creating. The amazing thing about eXp Realty is that I can continue that momentum down the hill while at the same time, building my hill bigger each month that passes.

I imagine it as it must have been when God was creating the mountains. As they were rising up from the ground with rock pushing upward, reaching to the sky, their growth had to be an amazing sight to watch. Much the same, the growth of my little mountain when considered in percentage terms, has been a sight to see. The real test will be in the sustainability of my team’s growth and there will certainly be a leveling off of growth in percentage terms, but the numbers and growth still speak for themselves. It has been exciting to see my vision come to fruition, but I’m not finished. I want my snowball to get bigger, so…there is more work to be done! 


If you want to know how my numbers have grown, I’d love to share specifics, but we will need to do that privately. In this public forum I can only share in generalities. The revenue share began very humbly back in July of 2018, as I only had sponsored the few agents that were on my team. The following months there were fluctuations as is to be expected in the “startup phase”. And as agents, we all have variations in the number of closings each month. August saw a 64% drop in income from July, but was followed by a 738% increase the next month! These ups and downs happened a lot in the beginning, but much like the S&P 500 or other stock market, you have to have some volatility in order to achieve the long-term results that you want. I never saw as low of a drop from month one to the next ever again. 

In 2019, the revenue share was 5-10 times as much as my team generated in May of 2018 in almost every single month. May 2018 to May 2019, with my team having grown organically as well as purposefully and strategically, the increase was over 500%! It was such an exciting year to see the reality of how this could be a sustainable and long-term income opportunity!! Even with the craziness of 2020 so far, I’ve still managed to have consistent positive results each month, and in five months of this year I’ve made three times as much as I did in the first five months of 2018. I am a fan of 3X growth…from a passive income stream! That is my snowball gaining some momentum and growing as it rolls down the hill I’m continuing to create! 

​I implore you to watch me. I ask you to ask me about my numbers and my growth a month from now or a year from now. Some of us are a little more skeptical than others. By nature we require a little more time to let the idea steep in the teapot of our minds. I was one of those that took some time to do my due diligence. But I encourage you to let your mind wander and dream a little bit about your business, your goals and your dreams. Do a vision board. Find your ‘Why’! But above all, I beg you to take a look for yourself. Do it for your family! Take a look for your family and begin to dream about the legacy that you can build. And then take some action. You too can start a snowball!





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