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Revealed: My Secrets to Landing
Bigger Clients

Have you ever wondered how to get bigger clients as a real estate agent? When you are first starting out, it can feel impossible to get clients on that higher tier – and if not impossible, at least scary! 

That’s normal. 

Getting bigger clients often comes with experience. But it doesn’t have to take as long as you think. I’ve learned some secrets along the way that have helped me land bigger clients, and I want to share them with you.

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Network in The Areas You Want to List In

Getting bigger clients is all about networking, building relationships, and becoming a familiar face. There are many ways to work yourself into their world. Here are just a few of the ways to do so.

  1. Check out BNI (Business Network International) groups. BNI is the world’s largest referral networking organization, and most major U.S. cities have multiple local chapters. At a BNI meeting, you’ll network with people from various industries, and you can strategically choose a chapter location in the area you’d like to network in. While you are there, be ready to add value to meetings by providing industry and market updates and be eager to learn about other businesses as well.
  2. Attend business networking events. If you do a Google search for business networking in your city, multiple options will pop up. Find an event in the target area you want to list in and go with the purpose of genuinely getting to know people. Have a stack of business cards handy, of course. But, make it your main goal to get to know others, learn about their businesses, and offer any help you might be able to.

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3. Get social on social media. Connecting with people on social media is also a great way to get on people’s radar. Do some research and find the popular local spots in your target area – a coffee shop, restaurant, gym, etc. Find them on Instagram and follow them. From there, you can start networking with others. Make sure you have a business Instagram account where you are clear about who you are, what you do, and provide value to your target audience.


This is the classic “give before you take” advice. There’s a reason this is a common adage. Being willing to add value to someone without expecting anything in return is a highly effective way to build rapport and trust. Here are a few ways you could do this as an agent.

  1. Provide a free Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to help clients dispute their taxes. One of the biggest problems wealthy people have is expensive taxes. If you can provide a way for them to save money on their taxes, you’ll be their hero.
  1. Provide a market analysis on the neighborhood(s) you are trying to reach. Share this on your social media or even directly to specific consumers in that market. Do your homework on the development coming to the area, highlight new businesses as they open in the market, etc. This will help the people interested in that area to see you as the go-to expert for that area.
  1. Show evidence of success. Clients, especially high-paying ones, want to work with people with a track record of success. You’ll need to portray that you can get the job done. Provide social proof by sharing positive client reviews on your website or social media. You can also show prospective clients any past sales you’ve made in the area. Even if you are fighting an uphill battle with some established realtors that have dominated in the market for a long time, eventually you’ll carve out your own niche of clients. 

Build business referral partners

Another way to bring in high-paying buyers is to network on a more personal level for referral partners. Here are 4 areas to consider:

  1. Friends and family. Yes! Your friends and family can be great referral partners. While you don’t want to be “that guy” or “that girl” always talking about work at social events or family gatherings, you can still share a big part of your life with those you love. You never know who your family members or friends are connecting with in their world. You could ask your friends and family if you can add them to your email list to stay top of mind for real estate needs.
  1. Build relationships with other real estate agents, particularly those in the luxury market. These agents are already actively serving your ideal market and there’s a lot you can learn from them, even in a short interaction. But don’t be sleazy about it. Be  genuine and exercise goodwill toward other agents. Agents are more likely to refer to people that they know, like, and trust, and you want to be on that list.
  • Local businesses are a great place to build referral partners. Ask if you can display your business card or marketing flier. Many small businesses understand the value of referrals and networking, so they will likely look at you as an opportunity to network and connect, too.

  • Wealthy people tend to have complex taxes, and CPA’s are the ones to help them sort that out. Building a relationship with a reputable CPA is a great way to get connected to people who are going to be buying and selling more expensive homes. Again, giving before you take is a good rule of thumb. At the beginning of the year, you could pull the HUD’s from all of your sales and email them to your clients, since they will need them during tax season. In your email to your client, you could provide a plug for the CPA. 

It also may be helpful to consider common pain points that wealthy people have and start networking accordingly. Some common problems that come with wealth are wealth management, insurance, taxes, zoning and land use, real estate investing, and banking and lending.

Make the Ask

At the end of the day, you’re going to have to make the ask. After you’ve built the relationship, provided some value, and shown some evidence of success, ask for their business. It can be scary, but everyone feels that way and you have to put yourself out there. Even if you do it imperfectly or get turned down, you’ll learn way more from asking than not asking at all – and be better prepared for the next one.

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