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Seven Reasons To Sell Your House
Before The Holidays

Thinking of waiting for the new year to put your home on the market? Think again. Most sellers choose to wait until springtime to list their home on the market. This can be a strategic move for a few reasons, but I want to share with you why I think you should list your home before the holidays. Though unpopular, the winter season can be the perfect time to sell a home. Keep reading for my top seven reasons why.

1.Less Inventory in the Winter Season

The overall housing supply has increased this year, but it is still low in comparison to years prior. The end of the year is typically not a popular time for homeowners to list their home on the market, therefore even less inventory is available in the winter season. You can use this to your advantage. Low inventory means more visibility for your home. With more visibility, you have the opportunity to escape any competition that comes with more homes being on the market in your area! 

2.The Likelihood of Attracting Serious Buyers

In the springtime, you are more likely to attract traffic from people who are in the beginning stages of “just looking” and not necessarily ready to commit to the process of buying a home. Buyers searching for a home during the winter months are usually qualified, serious buyers who are ready to pull the trigger. They prefer to act now instead of waiting for the new year when more buyers tend to be more active in their search. Serious buyers in the winter usually want to avoid any competition of a bidding war on a home. This lack of competition amongst buyers gives them more time to consider what they are looking for in a home to make a confident decision when making an offer.

3.Year-End Job Transfers

The end of the year is typically a time when employers notify their employees of upcoming job transfers. This factor contributes to the amount of serious buyers during the winter season. With the knowledge of moving in the new year, most families prefer to lock down a home sooner rather than later in their new location. Your home could be in the perfect spot for their new job!

4.Use a Decorated Neighborhood to Your Advantage

Festive neighborhoods are inviting. What better time for buyers to get a picturesque vision of themselves in a home than the holiday season? Let the charm of a decorated neighborhood pull on their heartstrings and give them a sense of what life would be like in your neighborhood for the holidays. Don’t forget to decorate your home too! Turn up the heat with some Christmas music playing in the background and offer some Christmas treats for buyers to enjoy as they tour the inside of your home. Show them the warm, cozy feel your home has to offer. 

5.End-Of-Year Tax Breaks 

End-of-year tax breaks can act as motivation for some serious buyers who are looking to deduct mortgage interest, property taxes, and interest costs of the loan. To get these tax benefits for the year, a sale must close before December 31. These tax benefits have limitations of course, but the benefits could prompt the right buyer to close by the end of the year instead of waiting for spring. 

6.Undivided Attention from your Real Estate Agent

Less listings during the winter months means your realtor will have more time to devote to your home. They are likely to be more freed up than they are during the spring and summer season to market and sell your home with a little extra attention to detail. This goes the same for lenders. Lenders are very busy in the springtime with their buyers. Winter is an ideal time for buyers to work with lenders when they are most easily accessible and have extra time to allocate toward getting the lending process started. 

7.Your Opportunity for an Upgrade

Remember why you are wanting to move in the first place. Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to act as a serious buyer yourself and find a house that’s in a better location and more spacious for you and your family. What better way to ring in the new year than with a new home!

Bottom Line

The fear of your home sitting on the market and having to lower the asking price is often what keeps sellers from listing their home around the holiday season. However, this is often not a reality sellers have to face. I believe listing your home on the market this winter should be a valid consideration for you and your family. I have been in the real estate business for over 10 years and would love to talk with you about selling your home! Check out my YouTube channel here full of great advice for all things real estate!

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